Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Drawing Inspiration

I got a very special Christmas gift this year. My mom made me a hand bound watercolour journal, leather cover and Japanese fabric on the inside. It has wonderful paper and lies flat. It is big enough for a nice spread but not so big that I can't take it out and about for drawing and painting adventures. I've been mulling over what kind of project I should use it for because a book as beautiful as this cries for a special project. But that can feel a little intimidating too. I don't want to "waste" the lovely pages on crumby work while at the same time, I don't want to save it for the illusive project that never actually happens. An unused journal would be a true "waste"
of this lovely gift.

Over the years, I have been collecting quotes and words of wisdom that mean something to me. I have kept them in a journal that is full of words but no images. So I have decided to pull words and images together into a book of personal inspiration. The words have been resonating for a while; the paintings will all be fresh work…the good, the bad, the experimental, the dogs.

The first painting I did in the journal was pretty awful so I won't bother posting it here but at least it broke the spell of empty journal-itis. This one, of my hiker, reminds me of recent walks in the muddy hills near Churchdown.

Oh, and thanks Mom. I love the book!

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