Monday, May 12, 2014

Questing for a Series

I heard on a TED Talk that if you publicly state what you plan to do, you are less likely to do it because the brain subconsciously ticks the plan off the list in your head. By proclaiming the plan, the brain is fooled into thinking the task has been completed. So here I go again, blithely ignoring popular psychology and crowing about another grand plan.

Series 1: Ferns
1. Work in a series of 7, in this case, 7 pages.
2. Finish every drawing you start. No abandoning duds.
3. Draw daily. I'm already pretty good at  this one.
4. Make notes. i.e. learn some facts, in this case botanical notes. Check.
5. Leave something to continue the next day. Leave a starting hook. Oops
6. Vary the media or style. Watercolour, pen, coloured pencil. Yup
7. Stop making rules and get drawing.

It's 9:30 on Day 2. Time to get drawing. I think Roz actually meant 9:30 am but now is always a good time to start sketching.

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